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Weathertex Urban Eco Logo
Weathertex's innovative range of prefinished cladding in panels in 10 colours inspired by the most popular COLORBOND colours.
Urban Eco Installation Manual
Our UrbanECO range comes in two of our most popular ranges
Weathertex Primelok Smooth 200mm Sustainable Wall panels
Primelok Smooth 200mm
Selflok Ecogroove Smooth 150mm Weatherboard Cladding
Selflok Ecogroove Smooth 
150mm & 300mm

Why use Prefinished?

  1. DESIGN – Available in smooth profiles with a wide range of COLORBOND inspired colours.
  2. DURABLE – The high quality and reliable coating system carries a 15 year guarantee & provides a low maintenance solution.
  3. EFFICIENT- Lightweight, safe and simple to assemble with standard DIY tools.
  4. SAVINGS – With time saved on painting and scaffolding.
  5. FLEXIBILITY – No more down time when waiting to paint due to poor weather conditions.