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Controlled Erosion Stains

Grimes & Sons

Grimes & Sons Controlled Erosion Stain is a low VOC, wax and oil free, water based stain that instantly ages timber. It is designed to give a genuine, weathered appearance to raw exterior grade timber, to fade over time, and to let the natural grey of the timber take over. It can also be stained black to give a charred timber look. It will reduce tannin bleeding and water pick up after the first coat. Controlled Erosion Stain works especially well on mixed species timber, as it hides the underlying colour.

1 – Dusty Lime (3 coats)                     2  – Stock Yard (3 coats)

3 – Swamp Gum (3 coats)                  4 – Coal Face (3 coats)

5 – Wharf Grey (3 coats)                     6 – Natural Grey (3 coats)

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