b'1.2 Fire Rated Wall SystemsWeathertex has been assessed by an Accredited Testing Laboratory, that the attachment of Weathertex 9.5mm cladding systems detailed in Table 1.2.1 over plasterboard timber and steel plasterboard lined walls that has been either tested or assessed to achieve an FRL up to and including 90/90/90, would not detrimentally affect the FRL of the underlying wall system if testing in accordance with AS 1530.4:2014.1.2.1 TABLE - ALLOWABLE FIXING OPTIONS OVER PLASTERBOARD FRL SYSTEMSUNDERLYING PLASTERBOARD SYSTEMCLADDING SYSTEM TIMBER FRAMING STEEL FRAMINGDirect fix9.5mm Weathertex cavity system20mm Pine batten cavity system35mm Pine batten cavity system45mm Pine batten cavity systemSteel top hat (min 0.55 BMT G550)These fire rated wall systems are detailed by the relevant system manufacturer such as USG Boral. Advice of the system manufacturer should be sought on the appropriate system for your project.All walls must be designed for the applied loads. For load-bearing walls and walls subject to wind pressures, walls shall be designed to the appropriate Australian Standards or construction manuals. Designers should consider Axial Capacity Reduction (ACR) from charring or loss of steel strength due to heat. Guidance on structural design can be sought from the relevant FRL system manufacturer.Standard installation requirements in this installation guide apply to the installation of the Weathertex external cladding component. Fastener lengths must be increased by the thickness of all packing materials used between the structural frame and Weathertex. USG BORAL Systems+ OUTERWALL.EXAMPLE FRL SYSTEM DESCRIPTION (60/60/60 December 2018 E EXTERNAL Outside only)WALLSE 2 E 5INUTTRROWDAULCLTIONOE 9BE 10FIRRIECCK VLAEDNEER WALLS EXTERNAL WALL SIDEWeathertex 9.5mm CladdingVapour permeable membrane1 layer 16mm FIRE WETSTOP CAVITY INFILL:R2.5 GW Wall Batts SYSTEMS+PLASTERBOARD FIRE & ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS INTERNAL WALL SIDEAUSTRALIA1 layer of 10mm STANDARD Plasterboard USGBoral.com Interior Linings Ceilings Cornice Finishes Systems SolutionsSYSTEMS + INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS SOLUTIONSWeathertex6'