b'2.4 INSTALL: WeathergrooveOR ORPanel to sit on10mm minimum top of nib clearance2.4.5 CONSTRUCTION DETAILSPlease refer to Weathertex Direct Fix InstallationWeathergroove, Drgs. of 15.04.20(9 pages), and Weathertex 9.5mm Cavity InstallationWeathergroove, Drgs. 15.04.20 (9 pages) for details relevant to the Weathergroove Weatherproofing Appraisal.2.4.6 FASTENING2.4.6.1 FASTENING: OFF STUDPanels must be fastened at 150mm centres acrossWeathergroove the top and bottom of the panel and wall edge. Alljoiner (off stud)intermediate studs and noggings must be fastened in accordance with the appropriate fixing pattern andfastenerinstallationrequirementsinsection 2.3. Intermediate panel edges should be fastenedFasten at noggings to the nogging either side of the joint. For Cavityeither side of jointSystems these fastening points at noggins need to be packed with a piece of cavity batten to supportFastening as per the joint. wind tablesNOTES: 150mm centre fastenings (top and Perimeter fixings should be a minimum of 12mm frombottom of panel and the panel edge. wall edge)Fasteners must not be placed in the panel grooves. FASTENING: ON STUDPanels must be fastened at 150mm centres2mm butt join (left acrossthetopandbottomofthepanelopen) back flashedandatstudsalongbothverticaledges. Allintermediatestudsandnoggingsmust befastenedinaccordancewiththeFastening as per wind appropriate fastener pattern and fastenertablesinstallation requirements in section 2.3.Fasten at 150mm NOTE:Perimeterfasteningsshouldbeacentres along vertical minimumof12mmfromthepaneledgejointsand not be placed in the panel grooves.150mm centre fastenings (top and bottom of panel and wall edge)Weathertex26'