b'1.9 Cavity SystemTo provide the best protection for your wall against moisture and mould related problems Weathertex highly recommends the use of a cavity fixing system. Fixing over the Weathertex cavity system provides the best defence for your internal lining, frame, insulation and cladding against sick home syndrome. A cavity system creates a space within the wall that allows airflow to remove any moisture that accumulates in this space either from wind driven rain or condensation. 1.9.1 PREPARATIONMinimum requirements for fasteners must be followed when installing the Weathertex Cavity System. See the Fasteners Section when selecting appropriate fasteners.A suitable membrane must be installed between the timber frame and battens; see section on Wall Sarking Requirements. The membrane can be secured by the timber battens as they are installed along a wall.Care should be taken when installing bulk insulation to ensure the stud cavity is not over-filled. Over filling the stud cavity with bulk insulation will impinge in the cavity created by the cavity battens and hence reduce its effectiveness, and may void warranty.1.9.2 CAVITY BATTENSCavity battens provide the separation between the membrane on the wall frame and the cladding. Weathertex provides and recommends the use of Weathertex Cavity Battens which are 1220 x 45 x 9.5mm. Check your local regulations and/or certifiers for recommended batten thickness. If using battens other than Weathertex supplied cavity battens, fastener lengths should be increased to accommodate the batten thickness.Refer to Weathertex Cavity Fix Construction Details when installing Weathertex cavity battens. Cavity battens must be fastened to framework at a maximum of 600mm centres. Butt-join the stud battens leaving a 5mm gap.1.9.3 CAVITY CLOSERTo protect against vermin and other material entering the cavity, the base of the cavity must be sealed using the Weathertex Large or Small Cavity Closer. Designed not to interrupt airflow in the cavity, a cavity closer must be installed at the base of the wall, above window heads, inter-storey flashings and at other points where a cavity is created by the design. The bottom of the battens is inserted into the cavity closer.Use 10mm Small Cavity Closer forWeathergrooveFix the cavity closer to the base plate at 300mm centres along the closer with 30 x 2.8mm flat head galvanised nails. Butt-join the cavity closers with a max 2mm gap and ensure they are fixed in a straight, level line. It is important that the openings in the cavity closer are kept clear and unobstructed to allow free drainage and ventilation from the top to the bottom of the cavity.CAVITYCONSTRUCTION DETAILS AT weathertex.com.auWeathertex16'