b'1.8 Steel Frames1.8.5 INSTALLATIONOnce the wall has been battened out as per cavity construction details, Weathertexs product specific standard fixing instructions shall be followed to install the cladding on to the frame. The bottom edge of the starter strip must not be above the bottom edge of the cavity closer.Step 1:Install suitable membrane (See wall sarking requirements section 1.4.7)Step 2:Install Cavity CloserStep 3:Install Thermal Break battens as per cavity construction detailsStep 4:For Cavity SystemsStep 5:these fasteningInstall Weathertex as per points at nogginsstandard instructionsneed to be packed with a piece of cavity batten to support the jointEnsure required ground clearance is maintained(Refer to general requirements section 1.4.4)12mm 20mm PinePolystyrene ThermalThermal BreakBreakWeathergrooveWeathergroove20-50mmSmall Cavity Large CavityCloser Closer12mm Polystyrene 20mm PineThermal Break Weathergroove Thermal Break WeathergrooveWeathertex 15'