b'2.4 INSTALL: Selflok2.4.4.3 BUTT-JOIN & 45 MITRE-JOINSelflok has two alternative On Stud joining methods:Butt-Join on stud - 3mm back flashed control gap. 45 Mitre join on-stud - 3mm back flashed slip joint. 1.Ensure the join is supported by a single 90x45mm stud, or a double stud. 2.Flash the join with Alcor flashing over the sarking at each planned joint3.Before installing the first weatherboard, run a 5mm bead of suitable, flexible sealant along the length of the Alcor flashing to seal the edge of the Selflok Weatherboard. 4.Before installing the next weatherboard, leave a 3mm gap and run a 5mm bead of suitable, flexible sealant along the length of the Alcor flashing.NOTES:1.Refer to length of wall requirements when choosing butt / mitred joining methods as it may not be used on walls over 5.5m. For walls over 5.5m Weathertex recommends using the Long Vertical Joiner.2.Natural Products are composed of unsealed natural hardwood timber which may occasionally exhibit tannin bleeding. Consideration must be taken if installing unsealed Weathertex products above porous or light coloured features.3.Expansion and contraction of construction components with relative humidity can cause butt/mitred control joints to open and close after installation. If the aesthetic of open butt / mitre joints is an issue for the specific application, Weathertex recommends the Trimtec Long Vertical Aluminium Joining method.Alcor flashing3mm gapSingleDouble stud (left open) stud (for(required for 90x45mm70x35mm studs only) studs)Fastener 12mm from board edgeAlcor flashingBUTT-JOINTraditionalFastener 12mm fastening pattern atfrom midway 140mm centres through mitre3mm gap 3mmbutt- join(left open)gap (left open) 45 omitre cut45o MITRE-JOIN Suitable SuitableSealantSealantAlcor FlashingNOTE: Suitable sarking omitted for clarity. Alcor FlashingWeathertex26'