b'2.4 INSTALL: SelflokThe following product specific product installation instructions are applicable for both direct fix (timber frame) and cavity fix (timber and steel frame). Installation instructions in this section are to be used in conjunction with informationand requirements given in previous sections and the national and state building codes.2.4.1 BASE OF THE WALL & FRAME PREPARATIONCheck and straighten sub-structures as required. Establish ground clearance and weatherboard overhang requirements. For cavity installation see cavity systems (section 1.9)/steel frames (section 1.8). For direct fix install wall sarking prior to installation, refer to AS 4200.2. NOTE: For slab construction the plank may overhang the slab surface by 20-30mm. Set a horizontal datum or base line around the perimeter of the building. Rest the bottom edge of the first row of weatherboards on datum line.2.4.2 TRADITIONAL FASTENINGFirst Row: Fasten weatherboards with two face fasteners at each 140mm 140mm 170mmstud keeping fasteners 12mm minimum from ends, Fix first fixing into Weatherboard bottom edge and into the base plate. SecondFixing 30mm from fixing approximately 170mm away from the bottom edge of thebottom edge.board. Fit joiners as work proceeds (Pre-primed only).Successive Rows: Rest the rebated edge of Selflok Weatherboards ontherowbelow.EnsurethereisproperengagementoftheSuitable membrane Selflok by applying downward pressure while fastening. Fix with(Refer to wall sarking requirements section twofastenersateachstudkeepingfasteners12mmminimum1.4.7)fromends,30mmupfromlowerWeatherboardedgesand approximately 140mm apart. Row heights around corners should be checked as work progressesAlcor flashing for to prevent creep. separation from masonryPlease refer to Weathertex Direct Fix InstallationSelflok, Drgs. ofDatum15.04.20(9 pages), and Weathertex 9.5mm Cavity Installation Ground clearance (Refer Selflok, Drgs. of 15.04.20 (9 pages) for details relevant to the Selflokto general requirements Weatherproofing Appraisal. section 1.4.4)2.4.3 SEMI CONCEALED FASTENINGInsomeWindAreas(seeSections:Fasteners2.3),Selflok Weatherboards can also be fixed with one fixing concealed. In this case, one fixing must be placed 30mm from the bottom edgeFixing 30mm from of the plank and the second placed 15mm below the top edgebottom edge.of the plank. The latter fixing is concealed by the plank aboveFixing 15mm from when it is installed. All other factors of installation are according totop edge.Traditional Fix instructions above.Suitable membrane Please refer to Weathertex Direct Fix InstallationSelflok, Drgs. of(Refer to wall sarking requirements section 15.04.20(9 pages), and Weathertex 9.5mm Cavity Installation 1.4.7)Selflok, Drgs. of 15.04.20 (9 pages) for details relevant to the Selflok Weatherproofing Appraisal. Alcor flashing for separation from masonryNOTE: ND Bradnails are not suitable for use with Semi-concealed fastening. DatumGround clearance (Refer to general requirements section 1.4.4)Weathertex24'