b'2.3 FastenersRefer to the Wind Tables below when selecting a fastener. For wind ratings above N4 and C2 please contact Weathertex Technical on (ph: 1800 040 080). Installers must assure themselves that the appearance of the selected fastener is suitable for the intended use. Generally, head sizes in excess of 6mm or T and D head shaped nails may not produce a satisfactory finish on face fixed profiles. Stainless Steel ND50s recommended for ruff-sawn, woodsman & natural profiles. They are not recommended for smooth profiles as they may create an undesirable surface finish. 2.5mm Ring shank nails recommended for smooth profiles.Countersunk screws 2mm below the board surface & filled are recommended for completely concealed fixing of smooth profiles.2.3.1 RESIDENTIAL WIND TABLE- AS 4055 WIND CLASSIFICATIONMaximum Stud SpacingExtend fastenerWithin length whenFasteningNon- CyclonicGeneral1200mm Framepacking distancePattern Fasteners CyclonicWind Areas ofof building exceeds theWind Walls edgesfollowingPaslode ND50 SSN1, N2, N3 C1 600 600Product Traditional Code:B20054A & MGP10B20665(Brad & FuelN4 C2 600 450TimberDirect to frame pack)Minimum Traditional45mm x 2.5mm RingN1, N2, N3 C1 600 600/ Semi- Shank Nail Concealed N4 C2 600 450Buildex TreatedN1, N2 600 600MGP10Pine 10g 8x50mm Timber10mm Traditional Countersunk Rib HeadN3 C1 600 450MinimumScrew Product Code: X503298 N4 C2 450 4000.55mm/ SCROOZ 8g x 42mmN1, N2, N3 C1 600 600G550 SteelTraditionalFibreFix Cement Minimum20mm / Semi- Board Screw thicknessConcealed Product Code:N4 C2 600 450FFSC0842T0.75mm/ Iccons SD CSKN1, N2, N3 C1 600 600G550 SteelCOARSE C3 10-16 X Minimum12mm Traditional 40mm Screw Thickness Product Code:N4 C2 600 450SDCSC1040C30.75mm/ Iccons SD CSK WingN1, N2 600 600G550 Steel20mm Traditional Cs 10-16 x 45mmN3 C1 450 450MinimumScrew Thickness Product Code: TP723 N4 C2 450 300Whenusingcountersunkscrews,thesemaybeNails must be finished countersunk 2mm below the board surface and filledflushtotheboardwithahighqualityproprietarygrade,acrylic-basedsurfaceandnot flexible paintable filler. Non-flexible epoxy based fillersbepunchedand are not suitable and may crack and fail with movementfilled.Punchingwill of construction components. If using a smart-bit stylesignificantlyreduce countersinking tool; the gauge of the screw must matchthe holding capacity the gauge of the tool to prevent movement issues. Screwofthefastenerand holes should be spray primed after screwing. Filler shoulddamage the integrity be sanded and area re-primed prior to painting. of the board surface.*AS/NZS 1170.2 wind loads table on next page.Weathertex22'