b'1.10 Physical PropertiesWEATHERTEX WEATHERBOARDS AND ARCHITECTURAL PANELS. Weathertex weatherboards and architectural panels have been comprehensively tested to Australian and International Standards for verification of compliance to the Building Code of Australia. MATERIAL DURABILITY PROPERTIESThe Product Specification Standard for Weathertex is AS/NZS1859.4 - Wet Processed Fibreboard for Exterior Conditions (HB.E).PROPERTY STANDARD RESULT REQUIREMENTDimensions AS NZS 4266.1 PASS 2mm/mDensity AS NZS 4266.1 1000 kg/m3 750 kg/m3Bending Strength AS NZS 4266.1 32 MPa 20 MPaModulus of ElasticityAS NZS 4266.1 4500 MPa 2900 MPaEquilibrium Moisture Content AS NZS 4266.1 7.5% 7.5%1% @ Factory gateDimensional Stability AS/NZS 4266.1 0.16% change in face dimensions overN/AHygro-Expansivity the range of 35%-80% relative humidityAS NZS 4266.1 - 24 2% Swell 8% Max.Moisture Resistance Hour submersion 6% Absorption 12.5% Max.THERMAL AND ACOUSTIC PROPERTIESPROPERTY 9.5MM COMPONENT VALUE WEATHERTEX SYSTEMThermal Conductivity 0.22 W/mK Where thermal and acoustically rated walls are required:Thermal Resistance 0.04 m 2 K/W Weathertex can be used as part of wall systems to meet Acoustic Properties (Rw) System Dependant your specific performance requirements.FIRE PROPERTIESPROPERTY STANDARD RESULT REQUIREMENTBushfire Attack Level (BAL) AS 3959 Up to and including BAL 19 BCA: Vol. 1 - G5.2BCA: Vol. 2 - 3.10.5Average Specific Extinction Area AS/NZS 3837 38.7 m2/kg BCA: Vol. 1 - C1.10Material Group Number AS/NZS 5637.1 Group 3 BCA: Vol. 1 - C1.10BCA: Vol. 1 - Spec C1.10 - 4Ignitability : 12Early Fire Hazard IndicesAS 1530.3 Spread of Flame: 5BCA: Vo1. 1 - C1.10Heat Evolved : 4 Smoke Developed: 2Fire Resistance Level (FRL) AS1530.4 Systems up to 120/120/120BCA: Vol. 1- Spec C1.1availableCombustibility BCA: Vol 1 - C1.1 Type C Compliant* BCA: Vol 1 - C1.1* A class 2,3 or 9c building with a rise in storeys of 2 may be of type C construction if requirements of C1.5 are satisfied.MISCELLANEOUS PROPERTIESFormaldehyde ClassificationAS/NZS 4266.16 Test Method: 0.07 mg/LEmission Class Super EOWeathertex contains no silica, resins, binders or added formaldehydes and the results above confirm the amount naturally present in hardwood timber is negligible and well below the acceptance level of 1.0mg/L (E1).Weathertex18'