b'1.5 Painting: Pre-Primed1.5.1 PRE-PRIMED PRODUCTSPRIMER:Weathertex factory primer is designed to be painted within 60 days of installation. Failure to do so can result in poor topcoat adhesion and will void warranty. Lightly sand any nibs or blemishes which have occurred during fixing. Cut edges, holes and countersinks must be re-primed with high quality tannin blocking exterior timber primer (water or solvent based). A spray primer is the most efficient method.It is also good practice to prime any timber mouldings, including corner stops and trims.Trimtec aluminium accessories are protected by an anodised coating and can be left unpainted if desired. Due to their smooth surface, aluminium accessories should be etch primed if a topcoat is to be applied. SURFACE PREPARATION - CLEANING & WASHING:Clean surface of primed Weathertex products using a soft broom or soft lint-free cloth and wash down with sugar soap to remove salt, dirt, dust and grease or airborne contaminates. Do not vigorously scrub the surface nor use an abrasive or strong cleaning agent as you may burnish the paint surface and mark the primer finish. Wash down with fresh water and dry the surface with one final wipe using a soft dry lint-free cloth in the direction of the paint flow. Do not use high pressure washers as this can cause coating damage and water ingress into the wall cavity. Not allowing the Weathertex to dry before painting is a common cause of paint failure. Failure to clean the surface may result in poor adhesion with topcoat and may void warranty.1.5.2 PAINTING PRE-PRIMED PRODUCTSPAINTING:The primed surface of Weathertex products are suitable for the application of exterior grade water or solvent based topcoat paint systems. It is recommended to apply selected coating to a test area to confirm suitability. If compatibility of the selected topcoat is an issue, the surface may be primed with a suitable tannin blocking exterior primer per the coating manufacturers recommendation before painting. Contact the paint manufacturer for advice or information.When top coating, apply a minimum of two coats of paint in accordance with the paint manufacturer instructions for mixing, film build, coverage and drying between coats. Temperature and wet weather will affect curing of coatings and consideration of site conditions at the time of painting is essential to ensure proper curing and adhesion. Paint additives may adversely affect the coating adhesion and durability and should only be used with the endorsement of the coating manufacturer.PAINT COLOUR:Weathertex hardboard products have 50 years proven durability in the harshest of climate zones. While there is no restriction on the vast array of colours to paint your home, it is important to understand the effect paint colours can have on the performance of construction products.As Weathertex is a timber product, its dimensions will expand and contract with changes in moisture content. Dark paint colours can allow surfaces in warmer climates to become very hot in direct sunlight leading to loss of moisture and subsequent shrinkage of the weatherboard. Selection of light paint colours with high Light Reflectance Values (LRV) will lead to better thermal efficiency of the building, improve the maintenance cycles of paint coatings and sealants while minimising the thermal expansion and contraction of all construction components. With darker paint colours we recommend prepainting the ends of the weatherboard prior to installation of joining/corner accessories.PAINTINGSPECIFICATIONS ATweathertex.com.auPre-primed (must be painted after installation) PaintedWeathertex 11'