b'AccreditationsTheCodeMarkCertificationScheme(theScheme)isa voluntarythird-partybuildingproductcertificationscheme that authorises the use of new and innovative products in specified circumstances in order to facilitate compliance with Volumes One and Two of the NCC, also known as the Building Code of Australia or BCA.CodeMark provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity, which is one of several options available for meeting the evidence of suitability requirements of the BCA.2018 Supplier of the Year at the Australian Construction Awards. The industry relies on a number of stakeholders to keep projects moving.Supplieroftheyearisacompanythatprovided quality, on time, every time. A&Ds Most Trusted Brand Award x 2 consecutive wins (2016 & 2018). Architecture and Designs Top Trusted Brand biennial survey reveals Australias top brands within the architecture, building, construction and design industriesWeathertex sources timber from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources audited under the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) and Certified by PEFC: the worlds largest forest certification scheme.Whether you are seeking timber cladding for a renovation, extension, new home, or commercial application, Weathertex weatherboardsandarchitecturalpanelsofferanendlessPEFCPEFC RESPONSIBLE WOODRESPONSIBLE WOODvariety of timber cladding solutions and styles. CERTIFIED CERTIFIEDCERTIFIED CERTIFIEDPromoting Sustainable This product is from Promoting Sustainable This product is from Forest Management sustainably managed Forest Management sustainably managed forests and controlled forests and controlled sources. ISO 9001 Lic1864 sources.A better choice, naturally.SAI Global Weathertex4'