b'2.4.4 JOININGTo accommodate movement, Weathertexs joining methods have been designed to provide the correct spacing between adjoining planks, and cover changes in dimensions of the product for specific wall lengths. Refer to length of wall requirements when choosing a joining method.NOTE: Avoid penetrating PC/ABS joiners with fixings during the installation process. This may cause the joiner to crack after the installation. Where necessary predrill the fixing position through the joiner prior to fixing. Also avoid positioning fixings directly opposite each other across a join as this too may cause joiner damage after installation.Any cut ends entering corner accessories, traditional or large long vertical joiners must be primed with a high quality tannin blocking exterior timber primer (water or solvent based). When using concealed joiners, ends must be unprimed. JOINING: TRADITIONAL JOINERForm joins between weatherboard ends using the relevant joiners for the selected profile - refer to the Accessories Section. Stagger joins randomly or brick lay throughoutTraditional off the wall with joins being formed midway between thestud joinerstuds. When fitting the joiner, bring the ends into moderate contact with the splayed edges or nibs within the joiner. Do not force ends tightly together. It is advisable to prepaint plank ends when using Traditional Joiners to avoid white lines either side of the Accessory after possible contraction of construction components in dry conditions. Simply cut joiners to fit at window heads, sills and eaves as required. NOTES:To fit joiners to cut ends of Primelok weatherboards it is necessary to trim back the plastic spline Fastener 15mm down from the top edge2.4.4.2 JOINING: LARGE LONG VERTICAL JOINERFor quick and sleek installation, align weatherboards toNoggin at form a single vertical off-stud control joint using the Trimtecmaximum Large Long Vertical Joiner. It is advisable to prepaint plank600mm centresends when using Long Vertical Joiners to avoid white lines either side of the Accessory after possible contraction of construction components in dry conditions.Joiner must be supported by noggins at maximum 600mm centres or positioned a double stud.Joiner may be etch primed and painted or left as theFlat head nail original uncoated anodised aluminium finish. at 1200mm centres2.4.3 CONSTRUCTION DETAILS 1.Attach the aluminium joiner to the stud frame through the back flange at 1200 centres with a flat head nail.2.Nibs in the joiner provide correct control joint spacing.Fastener 15mm Do not install tight to the nibs. from top edge3.Planksmaybeslightlybowedtofitbetweentwo vertical joiners or slid in place from the top before fastening off.Large Long Vertical JoinerWeathertex 25'