b'2.4 INSTALL: PrimelokThe following product specific product installation instructions are applicable for both direct fix (timber frame) and cavity fix (timber and steel frame). Installation instructions in this section are to be used in conjunction with informationand requirements given in previous sections and the national and state building codes.2.4.1 BASE OF THE WALL & FRAME PREPARATIONCheck and straighten sub-structures as required. Establish ground clearance and weatherboard overhang requirements. For cavity installation see cavity systems (section 1.9)/steel frames (section 1.8). For direct fix install wall sarking prior to installation, refer to AS 4200.2.Set a horizontal datum or base line around the perimeter of the building. Fix the Weathertex Primelok Starter Strips to the frame butt joining successive lengths so that the bottom edge of the strips are at the required level for the full length of the wall. When installing on a Weathertex Cavity System, the Large Cavity Closer is used as a starter strip instead of the Primelok Starter Strip.Fix Primelok Starter Strip to the base plate at 300mm centres. Butt join with a max 2mm gap.2.4.2 PRIMELOK WEATHERBOARDS INSTALLATIONFirst Row: Position the first weatherboard so that the spline locks over the starter strip. Press the weatherboard down into the strip and fasten along the top edge of the board to every stud. Keep fasteners 15mm from the top edge so that they will be hidden bySuitable the overlapping board above and fit joiners as work proceeds.membrane (Refer to wall sarking To fit joiners to cut ends, trim back the spline on the back of therequirements weatherboard using a hacksaw or sharp knife.section 1.4.7)Successive Rows: Simply position each weatherboard so that the spline locks over the splayed top edge on the precedingFixing 15mm from row.Commencefixingatoneendoftheweatherboardtop edge.pressing down to fully engage the boards and fix along the top edge at every stud. Alternatively, start midway along the weatherboard and work outwards towards the ends. Keep fasteners 15mm down from the top edge so that they will be hidden by the overlapping weatherboard and check rows for level.Primelok starter stripPlease refer to construction details found on the Weathertex website for all window, doors and penetrations. Datum 20mmNOTE: The Primelok plastic spline can flex up to 2mm underGround clearance pressure and care must be taken in measuring row heights as(Refer to general requirements section workprogresses to avoid misaligned rows 1.4.4)2.4.3 CONSTRUCTION DETAILSPlease refer to Weathertex Direct Fix InstallationPrimelok, Drgs. of 13.05.22 (19 pages), and Weathertex Cavity InstallationPrimelok, Drgs. 13.05.22 (19 pages) for details relevant to the Primelok Weatherproofing Appraisal.Weathertex24'