b'Fastener Notes:Wind classification results have been conducted allowing for maximum packing distances specified in the tables. The fastener length must be increased to accommodate for the thickness of larger battens and/or additional packing materials to ensure the same penetration into the structural subframe.The above tables are relevant for off stud joining methods for timber and steel frames.The spans of the weatherboard shall be continuous spans of 2 spans or greater. Simply supported spans are not permitted.Span/150 serviceability limit state deflection criteria. All fasteners must be galvanised or suitably coated to resist corrosion for external application (Australian Standard AS 3566, Class 3 for screws). When installed in high corrosion zones such as coastal locations, fasteners (nails and screws) must be made of materials appropriate to the desired life of the system and geographical location. Stainless Steel Nails and Class 4 Screws may be necessary in these zones. The advice of the fastener supplier should be sought.Bradnails are not suitable for use with Primelok.When using countersunk screws, these Nails must be finished flush tomustbecountersunkflushwiththetheboardsurfacetoensure thenextrowofPrimelok board surface to ensure the next rowWeatherboardssitflat.Nails ofPrimelokWeatherboardssitflat.Ifmustnotbepunchedand using a smart-bit style countersinkingfilled. Punching will significantly tool;thegaugeofthescrewmustreduce the holding capacity of match the gauge of the tool to preventthe fastener and damage the movement issues integrity of the board surface.Weathertex 23'