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Weathertex is thrilled to bring its exceptional cladding solutions to the vibrant European market. With our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative design, we offer a wide range of superior building materials for your construction projects. We are delighted to serve customers in prominent European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the Netherlands (Holland).

With a legacy spanning over 80 years, Weathertex has earned a stellar reputation in the cladding industry. Our products are crafted using 100% Australian hardwoods sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring both environmental responsibility and durability. Weathertex cladding provides unparalleled protection against the elements whilst offering a wide range of profiles, making it an ideal choice for your European building needs.


Renowned for its rich architectural heritage and diverse construction landscape, welcomes the introduction of Weathertex cladding. Our products seamlessly blend with the UK's historic and contemporary structures, offering a timeless aesthetic and robust performance. Whether it's a residential property or low level commercial development, Weathertex cladding elevates the visual appeal of any project, providing long-lasting durability and weather resistance.

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Known for its elegance, sophistication, and architectural mastery, is the perfect destination for Weathertex cladding. Our innovative range of products enhances the beauty of French buildings, be it charming rural cottages or modern urban developments. Weathertex cladding brings a touch of natural elegance, combining French chic with high-performance protection against the harshest climatic conditions.


A country renowned for its rich history, art, and architectural heritage, welcomes Weathertex cladding as a versatile and stylish solution. Our cladding products enhance the timeless beauty of Italian structures, from classic villas to contemporary buildings. Weathertex cladding offers a natural aesthetic that complements Italy's diverse landscapes, while providing exceptional durability and protection against the elements.


Where cutting-edge design meets sustainable construction practices, Weathertex cladding is the ideal choice. Our products align perfectly with the country's emphasis on eco-friendly solutions and architectural innovation. With Weathertex cladding, Dutch builders and architects can create stunning facades that not only captivate but also ensure longevity and resistance to the Dutch climate.

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Weathertex Europe

At Weathertex Europe, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service throughout your cladding journey. We take pride in delivering high-quality cladding solutions that enhance the visual appeal of your projects while providing long-term value and durability. Explore the beauty and functionality of Weathertex cladding in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the Netherlands