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Weathertex is delighted to bring its renowned cladding solutions to the vibrant and diverse Asian market. With our high-quality, sustainable, and visually appealing products, we aim to provide exceptional building materials for your construction needs. Our innovative cladding options have gained recognition globally, and we are excited to extend our presence to Asia, including countries like Dubai, South Korea, India, Iran and Israel.

With a rich heritage of over 80 years, Weathertex is a trusted name in the cladding industry. Our products are crafted from 100% Australian hardwoods sourced from sustainably managed forests, ensuring environmental responsibility and durability. As a result, Weathertex cladding offers a unique long-lasting protection for your buildings, withstanding harsh weather conditions and providing superior insulation.


With its iconic skyline and rapid urban development, is a prime destination for Weathertex cladding. Our products blend seamlessly with the city's architectural landscape, offering an array of design possibilities. The combination of durability, fire resistance, and low maintenance requirements make Weathertex cladding an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects in Dubai.

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Known for its diverse culture and rich heritage, embraces Weathertex cladding for its versatility and eco-friendly attributes. Our cladding solutions are ideal for a variety of architectural styles, from traditional Indian designs to modern structures. Weathertex's commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with India's focus on eco-conscious construction practices, making our cladding an excellent choice for environmentally conscious projects across the country.

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Thriving construction industry seeking innovative and sustainable solutions, and Weathertex delivers just that. Our cladding products provide a natural aesthetic, harmonizing with the country's stunning landscapes. Whether it's for traditional or contemporary designs, Weathertex cladding adds a touch of elegance to any South Korean project while ensuring protection against the elements.

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Where architectural innovation meets historical significance, Weathertex cladding offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Our products can be used to accentuate the beauty of both contemporary structures and ancient landmarks. With Weathertex cladding, Israeli builders and architects can create captivating facades that endure the test of time, combining aesthetics with exceptional performance.


A country known for its rich history and architectural heritage, Weathertex cladding offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Our cladding solutions provide an elegant and durable exterior finish for a wide range of buildings, from residential homes to commercial developments. Weathertex's high-quality products are designed to withstand Iran's varying climate conditions while adding a touch of natural beauty to architectural projects.


With its tropical climate and diverse architecture, welcomes Weathertex cladding for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Our cladding products complement the natural surroundings, bringing a touch of sophistication to Indonesian buildings. Whether it's for residential homes or commercial developments, Weathertex cladding offers long-lasting protection and adds a unique charm to architectural projects across Indonesia.

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Weathertex Asia

At Weathertex Asia, we strive to provide exceptional customer service, assisting you throughout your cladding journey. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you choose the right product for your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality cladding solutions that not only enhance the visual appeal of your projects but also provide long-term value.
Discover the beauty and functionality of Weathertex cladding in Dubai, South Korea, India, Iran, Indonesia and Israel. Explore our comprehensive range of products, find inspiration in our project gallery, and get in touch with our knowledgeable team to transform your vision into reality.