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Sustainable Design Trends


Weathertex Sustainable Design Trends Kylie
Kylie Mitchell, Principle & Designer at Art Houses by Kylie Mitchell

My passion since childhood has been creating beautiful art and by the time I was a teenager that had extended to designing beautiful spaces to live in. I’ve been in the design industry now for 20 years and over that time I have realised that more and more people want to step outside the standard cookie-cutter designs so often seen in Australian housing and claim their independent style for their own homes. Art Houses by Kylie Mitchell is a culmination of all this, and by combining the best of sustainable, compact design with creative themes, colour palettes and visual arts, I aim to inspire people to embrace their own space and to challenge and change the Australian housing market. By offering the choice of custom design or pre-designed house plans I am able to help more and more people realise their dreams of improving their lifestyles while looking after their families, their health and their environments.

Cam Raymond, Director at Raymond Designs

Cam Raymond is the principal of Raymond Design. Cam is an accredited open licensed, multi-award winning building designer with over 27 years experience in all facets of design and construction.

Raymond Design specialises in the design and documentation of small to large scale residential projects, multi-unit and high rise developments, large scale commercial projects and is an industry leader in the planning and design of childcare and early learning centres right across Australia, and has worked internationally in New Zealand, Japan, the USA, Canada and China.

Weathertex Sustainable Design Trends Australia Cam Raymond

We discuss some of the prominent, stylish and sustainable design trends making waves across Australia and around the globe. We speak with renowned Australian designers about balancing art and function, style and sustainability in their recent residential projects. And we examine current and future internal design and trends.