Rubix Smooth and Weathergroove 150 Ruff-Sawn Rubix Accessories Rubix Smooth Rubix Smooth Cavity wall system CAVITY BATTENS CAVITY CLOSER (required) a L = 1830mm a = Lrg 20mm = Sml 10mm 1220mm x 45mm 9.5mm thickness For all cavity constructions Trimtec accessories *made from anodised aluminium SMALL INTERNAL LF CORNER SMALL EXTERNAL LF CORNER SMALL CORNER PLUG SMALL END STOP SMALL INTERNAL CORNER SMALL EXTERNAL CORNER b a L = 3660mm a = 27mm b = 11mm c = 45mm a b L = 3660mm a = 27mm b = 11mm c = 31mm b a L = 3660mm a = 27mm b = 11mm c = 55mm c a b L = 3660mm a = 17mm b = 11mm c = 35mm a b c L = 3660mm a = 4mm b = 11mm c = 35mm Rubix panel is self-locking, to be joined off-stud without Weathertex joiners. Use with the Small external corner c c c 44